Welcome to the CARE 66 blog. We are a small non profit whose mission is to create opportunities to end homelessness. We do this by providing support services and a variety of housing opportunities to our clients ranging from transitional housing to permanent housing with support services.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gallup Journey Column July 2010

Its July already…. We have finished tying the odds and ends of the grant we were awarded through SAMHSA to provide services to people suffering from a dual diagnosis i.e. mental health and substance abuse issues. All that remains for us to do is begin the program and start drawing down some monies. This grant will pay for services for the next five years and we are very grateful to everybody who encourages us. One my first day on the job – way back in 2005 – Jim Harlin (the Executive Director of the Community Pantry) said, “Now you need to get a grant from SAMHSA”. It took us five years of applying every year get this grant award.

This month we will be having a ‘free’ concert – free as in bring your check book to put some money in the collection plate at Chuska Apartments on Saturday, July 17.

Also look for news for a bike ride fund raiser tentatively scheduled for September 18. It will be a 66 mile ‘metric’ century (it's only a few miles more than a true metric century). There will be shorter options too. Riders collect pledges and it helps us tremendously. I plan to ride the whole metric nine yards. Please let me know if you want to pledge to support this ride.

We are busy working on two or three grants for the next month or so. We hope these grants will give us the money needed to complete renovations on the Lexington and maybe even some money for the Liberty Hotel.

Thank you again for your support in this endeavor of bringing prosperity to this area and making hope possible.

Until next month stay well and do good!