Welcome to the CARE 66 blog. We are a small non profit whose mission is to create opportunities to end homelessness. We do this by providing support services and a variety of housing opportunities to our clients ranging from transitional housing to permanent housing with support services.

Hooghan Ho'zho

Hooghan Hózhó 

Mixed-Income Family Housing

Sponsor:         CARE 66, Gallup, New Mexico

Architect:       Thomas Gifford, AIA

Contractor:    Pavilion Construction

Property Management:  JL Gray, Inc.

Consulting:    Rural Community Assistance Corporation

201 E. Coal Ave, Gallup, NM, The entire frontage of Coal Ave between Strong and Puerco


Hooghan Hózhó Unit Mix:                  
11 one-bedroom / 1 bath units   
30 two-bedroom / 1 bath units
3 three-bedroom / 2 bath units

Income/Rent Mix:                 
4 units at or below 60% of the area median income (HOME units)
27 units at or below 80% of the area median income
13 units at or below 115% of the area median income

View from Strong Dr. and Coal Ave.


Hooghan Hózhó is on a “gateway” site into Downtown Gallup. The 44-unit, multi-family rental apartments transform a vacant city block to a mixed-income community.  Taking advantage of a challenging site condition, one level of naturally ventilated structured parking is inserted into a steep grade over the majority of the vacant block, creating a street level podium for Hooghan Hózhó Family Housing.  From Coal Avenue, the ground floor of Hooghan Hózhó contains a secured courtyard, resident facilities, and offices for the property manager and CARE 66 Support Services staff.  The housing is configured in three levels incorporating several unique outdoor courtyards for residents to foster community, wellness and a sweeping connection to the surrounding Gallup landscape. Green design makes this sustainable and cost-effective to operate.  This project also contributes to community revitalization program by connecting a long vacant lot to the vibrant urban fabric of downtown Gallup and by providing residents with ready access to jobs, transportation, retail, city services and civic amenities.   
East Coal Ave. and Puerco Dr. View


Innovative floor plans with balconies and views, attractive multi-use outdoor courtyard spaces for tenants, on-site laundry, community rooms for tenants, on-site parking; “green” sustainable architecture; on-site social services, central recreation area and playground area; within short walking distance to public transportation.  Additionally, these projects exceed ADA, Fair Housing and Visitability standards.

  • Navajo Housing Authority
  • Bonneville Capital
  • U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • New Mexico Mortgage Financing Authority
  • NW NM Council of Governments: Region 6 Brownfields Coalition
  • New Mexico Environment Department
  • City of Gallup
  • McKinley County


CARE 66 plans to begin construction in July 2013, pending finalization of financing.  


Anonymous said...

When can people start applying for a Hooghan Hozho' housing?

CARE66 said...

Its going to be at least a year, more likely 18 months till Hooghan Hozho' opens.

Anonymous said...

Who is the General Contractor on the project?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It is now september, how far is completion to start applying?

CARE66 said...

Construction is scheduled to be complete by June 2015 at the earliest. We will be letting people know when they can application period begins for the initial tenants along with documents and information they will need to provide.

Loreal Wilson said...

I would like to apply. When will the application process start?

Autumn Tsosie said...

when can we start applying for an apartment and what required documents would you need and what's a good number to contact you about all this?

Anonymous said...

Im interested in these apartments. When can I and others start applying for the apartment?

Matthew Williams said...

I'm interested in the apartment when can I start to apply there.

Anonymous said...

We passed the nearly completed buildings and they're beautiful! I would love to live there! Congratulations, Gallup! -- Kathrine in Boston

Unknown said...

I am interested in the apartment. We're can I pick up an application so I can gather all my documents together.

Ty said...

We are interested in an apartment. How can we get a application or where can we pick up one at. thank you

Alethea Poyer said...

Where can I apply?

kslayze said...

I would love to apply. Where and when can I pick up an application?

kslayze said...

I would love to apply. Where and when can I pick up an application?

Unknown said...

How long would it take after the application is turned in?