Welcome to the CARE 66 blog. We are a small non profit whose mission is to create opportunities to end homelessness. We do this by providing support services and a variety of housing opportunities to our clients ranging from transitional housing to permanent housing with support services.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Gallup Journey Column June 2012

June 2012. Last month an operating grant for services to homeless people was completed. As yet, we have not been able to get a continuing grant. We were forced to lay off several staff members because of the revenue shortage. Carl’s TV caught fire and we are still waiting to determine the cause.

These crises have caused us to fast track other projects, imagine new ones including a senior citizens project, and develop partnerships.

Hooghan Hozho’ is the final stretch of engineering. The Lexington is doing well.  

Our annual Mother Road Bicycle Classic is scheduled for, Saturday, September 15th.  If you are interested in doing the medium length ride as a way of to develop confidence and endurance, please email me and we can set up a ride or two.

We are also looking into the idea of several small community gatherings/tours to talk about our vision for this community and the surrounding communities.

Until next month stay well and do good!