Welcome to the CARE 66 blog. We are a small non profit whose mission is to create opportunities to end homelessness. We do this by providing support services and a variety of housing opportunities to our clients ranging from transitional housing to permanent housing with support services.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lexington Prespectives

We have recieved some renderings for the proposed rehabilitation for the Lexington Hotel from our architect.  We have signed a contract for asbestos abatement with a local contractor and work is scheduled to being in late April.

We are planning to work with YouthBuild to conduct the rehab for this project.  Rehab will begin as soon as the abatement work is completed.

We are still awaiting design approval from the State Historic Preservation Office for the addition of an external elevator to the building.  An external elevator is both cost effective and helps us preserve the character of the building.

Chief Financial Officer Needed

Position: Chief Financial Officer
Salaried. Full Time or Part Time - depending upon candidates qualifications.
Reports to:
Executive Director, Member of Executive Team
CARE 66 is a non-profit corporation dedicated to ending homelessness through the provision of affordable housing, and related support services and the creation of employment opportunities as a means to address poverty.
Primary Responsibilities: 
The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) develops and maintains the financial infrastructure of CARE 66 and provides leadership in financial planning to support organizational health and growth.
Examples of Outcomes for which CFO is responsible:
1.  Provision of Financial Reports to the Executive Director that will facilitate the planning and management functions.
2.  Budgets, financial forecasts and cash flow projections for administration, existing programs, and proposed new sites that will enable CARE 66 to meet current and plan for new opportunities and obligations.
3.  Contributing to positive and productive relationships with granting organizations through meeting fiscal contracting requirements.
4.  Excellent contracting and procurement policies and procedures.
5.  Developing and maintaining high standards of internal control, accountability and transparency.
6.  Competence with housing development financing, development and investment of endowment funds, and loan products.
Examples of Specific Activities/Responsibilities of CFO
1.     Review and approve preparation and finalization of monthly and annual financial reporting materials and metrics for CARE 66’s Board of Directors.
2.     Supervise accounting/bookkeeping staff to accomplish regular functions of bookkeeping office such as payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, grant drawdowns etc. using QuickBooks.
3.     Coordinate provision of audit.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gallup Journey Column March 2011

March 2011.  We are in that wonderful place of waiting.  We are waiting to hear if we will be awarded a Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Allocation this year, and we are waiting to hear if we will be invited to apply for the second round of the HUD Choice Neighborhood grant program.  Based upon the self-scores posted on the MFA website that we are tied for 4th place for an LIHTC allocation, which means that if our self-scoring is accurate then we will most likely get an award.  For the HUD Choice Neighborhood we are competing again 41 other entities nationwide.  Only 3 or 4 awards will be made.

So while we are waiting let me tell you about some of things we are contemplating as a way of fulfilling our mission, which is to create opportunities to end homelessness.

            We have come to the realization that implementing our mission is an economic development activity.  In other words, we create jobs, bring investment to the community, and increase the tax base every time we do a housing project.  In other words, serving the homeless is good for our whole community.

            We have also learned that a key component in addressing generational poverty, apart from safe, secure and decent homes, is early childhood development services.  Our downtown project includes space for both services to adults and for an early childhood development center.

            In the next few years after Hooghan Hozho’, our LIHTC project, in downtown Gallup we will seek to develop more projects that incorporate these elements.   We have completed initial feasibility for a small sub-development for which we will begin work in 2012.  This project will mean that we will have to find funds to subsidize homeownership for low and moderate income families, and to develop infrastructure.  These challenges excite us because of their possibilities and positive impact.

            Also we are always looking for Board members. If you are interested please send me an email so that we can meet and talk.
            Until next month stay well and do good!