Welcome to the CARE 66 blog. We are a small non profit whose mission is to create opportunities to end homelessness. We do this by providing support services and a variety of housing opportunities to our clients ranging from transitional housing to permanent housing with support services.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Lexington Rehab Open House

You are invited to the Lexington Rehab Open House

Friday, July 22, 2011

11:30 to 1:00 pm

405 West Highway 66 (between 4th and 5th street on Route 66)

Lexington Hotel Rehab Flyer

  • Enjoy the company of fellow CARE 66 supporters
  •  See drawings and plans for the rehab
  • Learn about volunteer opportunities
  • Learn about about what we still need
  • Meet the staff and Board of CARE 66
  • Enjoy green chili burgers and summer salads

OK...we can't do a ground breaking.  Somebody did that in 1931.  Asbestos abatement has been completed and we hope to move our clients and service staff into the Lexington as soon as its completed.  And, yes, we will have a grand opening party too.

If you would like to tell us that you are coming or would like to bring something please call us at (505) 722-0066 and speak to Tiffany or email us at lexington.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gallup Journey Column June 2011

June 2011.  Renovations at the Lexington are under way.  Asbestos abatement should be completed sometime in June.  We will probably have some sort of ground breaking ceremony soon after the asbestos abatement is completed.
The CARE 66 Gran Fondo i.e. big ride is scheduled for, Saturday September 17th.  We will also have events for kids at the Courthouse Square.  Ride options are for approximately, 66, 40 and 20 miles.  Start training now!  Collect donations from your friends, co-workers and family so that you can earn a classy CARE 66 coffee mug.
Last week a delegation from the Navajo Nation visited CARE 66.  Mel Begay, Leonard Tsosie, Edmund Yazzie, Charles Damone, and President Ben Shelly’s Deputy Chief of Staff visited CARE 66.  Representative Sandra Jeff also visited with CARE 66.  We had heart to heart conversations about the mission of CARE 66 and how we can help Navajo communities.
We have also had extensive conversations with Aneyva Yazzie, the CEO of Navajo Housing Authority, and have met with the Board of Commissioners of Navajo Housing Authority.
Theresa Lee will be joining us Finance Officer this month.  We are very excited about having her join our management team.  We are also always looking for Board members.
If you are interested please send me an email to set up a meeting and talk.
          Until next month stay well and do good! 
To find out more about CARE 66 go to www.care66.org, we also have a blog at http://care66.blogspot.com which we have been known to update once in a while. Sanjay can be reached at Sanjay@care66.org